parents + guardians,

You are the brave guardians that preserve innocence while simultaneously preparing your children for real life.

It is my hope to inspire gentle conversation between you and the children around you, and encourage you to develop family culture that protects your connection.

“The Weight of Wings” Children’s Book

Inspired by the writings of Elisabeth Elliot, this is a children's story that tells of a young bird who must discover the purpose for his wings.

Through this allegory, parents will have a chance to talk with their sons and daughters about their own unique design. Children will learn that their greatest freedom will come when they embrace who they were made to be!

If you’d like to order a book online, you can click right here.

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PS. I’m also currently working on a book for parents entitled, “The Birds + the Bees” which is going to dive into some conversations you can have with you kids LONG before puberty that will set them up for joy and success in the areas of sexuality.

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