Redesign: Restore the Heart, Restore the Home

Today, I’m happy to be featuring some of the thoughts from a new friend of mine, Angela Block. We met a little while back at a local book store where we were both featured as local authors. She and I connected because we share a passion for establishing homes as a treasure in society once again.

Angela is an interior designer with over twenty years’ of experience, and has recently written and released a book dedicated to taking you on a journey of investing in your own personal growth as well as transforming your home’s look and feel. The book features inspiration as well as great practical advice to help you along the way.

Featured here is an excerpt from her book, “Redesign”. I know you will enjoy it!

It’s time to breathe, my friend. Life is too stressful and overwhelming these days, isn’t it? It is time to let go, and well, just breathe.

Your family needs you to breathe too. On the airplane, they say put your oxygen mask on first in an emergency, so you can take care of your family. Peace in your home starts with you finding peace. This is key for our families to stay healthy. Crazy, huh?

It won’t help anyone if you’re constantly distracted, barely surviving. When we get overwhelmed, our work suffers, we suffer, and our family suffers.

When did our lives gets so cluttered and busy?

Somehow, our lives have gotten so crammed that time to play has been put on the back burner. Our jobs come with us to the bathroom, the bedroom, and the dinner table with constant access to messaging and social media. We have lost the art of rest, but rest is actually a pivotal piece to do our work more effectively. We are more successful and productive when we take breaks. Allow room to breathe so you can get inspired again. Life should be a balance of faith, work, play, and rest. It may be time to shift our schedules to make time to find the joy in everyday life again.


So just breathe now. Breathe in the goodness of the Lord, and all He has blessed you with. Spend time in worship to reflect. Feels impossible with the long list of stuff you must get done, doesn’t it? I know, I get it! I am a volunteering, working, taking care of the home and kids’ kind of mom, let alone making space to breathe or laugh with my family. Are you kidding me?

“Ange, go turn on a dance song and shake it off in your living room with your kids.” A dear friend told me this one day while I was losing my marbles, drowning in stress and chaos.

Realizing that my busy, stressed out, mama heart was affecting my husband, family, and friends, I needed to make room to breathe and not take everything so seriously.

Since then, due to life’s sweet and painful interruptions, I have slowly been taking things off my list to make room for what is important at this stage of life.

I realized that being a mom and wife was more important than sticking my hands in so many pots (we all need reminders). Taking a few things off my plate helped me be more effective in where I put my time. Room on my calendar was the ticket to allowing space for rest and life unexpected without getting my panties all tied up in a knot.

Our families will thrive if we take life a little less seriously, look past our phones once in a while, and rest with our family. I mean, really spend time with them.

Not with that blank look while the to-do list is running through our heads, but really pour into them. Your family will settle down when you do. Refocusing will give you the desire to enjoy your spouse (Yup, they need you, and you need them too!) with time to be silly together without the honey-do lists.

Breathe, my friend, and put on your oxygen mask so you can thrive. Remember you are not a super woman.

We have a Saviour who already saved the world, so you don’t have to.

A friend once said to me that life is like juggling. We will never be able to perfectly balance all the balls, especially if we have too many balls up in the air at one time. Remember we have seasons in our lives and this too shall pass. It’s important to focus your priorities on this stage of life, giving you the ability to evaluate what to say yes to and when to say no, so you are doing what you need to do well.


How can you breathe?

Take breaks, put aside your phone, go for an evening out with friends, or go for a walk. And at the very least, rest your head at the end of the day giving your plans over to our beautiful Saviour. He waits for us to lean on Him for strength and guidance daily. Being in worship and thanksgiving can really break the cloud of anxiety. You can’t do it all, my beautiful friend. Let go and trust the Lord to lead you. Put your focus on Him first to bring balance and live life with intention.

If you’d like to read more of Angela’s work, as well as get your own copy of her book “Redesign”, head over to her page here! (I also just found out that she offers an online course in home redecorating, which is such an awesome feature!)

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